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A post-FF7 roleplay

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[Dec. 1st, 2004|02:07 pm]
A post-FF7 roleplay
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I just got back from a lovely trip to the boonies. Did I forget to mention I was leaving? That would be because they shipped me off with a half-hour's warning. Bastards.

So I ended up in Gongaga, of all the buttcracks of the world, investigating rumors of Mako tainting the water source. And of course, Shinra didn't want to give me bottled water. Policy of mingling with the natives my ass. When I got there, half the town (all six of them) was down with something - fever, delerium, vomiting up weird colors. And I still had to get well-water samples.

Gongaga's in isolation now, that's for sure. I got a question for you, Sephi-dearie. You're into all that medical stuff, right? Do you have any recollection on where the files about Mako poisoning and Jenova cell reactions? Rude can't find them, and we're hoping they weren't hard-copy-only in Midgar. Fucking Hojo never used a goddamn computer. (Also, what do you want for Yule? If you don't tell me anything, I'll assume vodka and egg nog.)

From: blacksummon
2004-12-03 09:39 pm (UTC)
The vodka is fine. Keep the egg nog; I have too many foul memories of the annual company Yule party.

The files you're looking for are actually under "Biogenetic Morphology," which is the stupidest title for any file, ever. It should be in the mainframe, although you might find pieces of it in Hojo's personal database. I believe the backup for that is in the "SOLDIER Training" database, for some reason. Referred works, I believe, will be in the "Employment Managment" section. General Mako effects are under "SOLDIER Physiology" and "Rejected Hypotheses." There should also be miscellaneous files in Nibelheim, unless that moldy hell has been cleaned out sometime in the past decade.

Did you check the reactor? I recall recently unearthing a report on its radiation levels, but I don't recall the results.
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