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A post-FF7 roleplay

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After a long abscence... [Nov. 30th, 2004|04:27 pm]
A post-FF7 roleplay
[Current Mood |stressedfrenzied]
[Current Music |Era: Enae Volare Mezzo]

Shiva, I hate paperwork.

On top of that, my computer crashed and is only just now running again. I shall never, ever let Reno near it when inebriated again. Do you hear me, Reno? Never. Not even if you bleach your hair in penance.

...But aside from all that, nothing has happened. Well, I discovered that Strife can actually hold an intelligent conversation. I was truly astonished by this, until I remembered that he still retains memories that are not his own. Those would account for the speaking skills he currently posesses.

Go on, Strife. Argue. You'll just prove my point. (And yes, I am smirking. You're no Professor Gast.)

I've been having dizzy spells that are somewhat worrying, however. I suppose that is something worth mentioning.